Post-Super Bowl Fix: Keep it Simple!

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What a game! Brady has yet another championship ring! It’s Monday, you had a great time with your friends and families, or you just enjoyed a quiet Sunday at home watching the commercials and half-time show, (oh Adam, you have been doing everything right in the kitchen and the gym!!) but you ate too much and drank more than you have been while on your weight loss journey. Not a big deal. You don’t have to stress about this, because that will only increase the stress hormone cortisol which can further slow your progress, and hey, you had fun! It was a great weekend, so take a deep breath, you got this. We are here with you too. Let’s get back on track! 

What to do on Monday after a weekend of eating more than required? This was just a day in your life, and you can get back on track. It is easy and we are keeping it very simple:

Drink more water, exercise, and get back to protein! Get your body and metabolism moving on Monday! Work out that extra sodium and sugar intake and get your heart rate up to flush out your Super Bowl Sunday snacks! At a minimum get in 30 minutes of movement, did I mention drink lots of water today, and get back to eating your portioned protein. Keep it that simple. Keep your chin up and put in a little extra at the gym or walk another mile with your pet, also add a little more water during the day each day this week. This is life and we all can get back on cleaner eating and weight loss after a heavy food day! You can do this! 

Drink Water!
Get Moving for at least 30 minutes a day!
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