Super Bowl Sunday-What can I eat?

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Super Bowl Sunday-What can I eat?

Super Bowl 53 is almost here! That’s right, and after you decide what team you will be cheering for OR if you just watch for the entertainment and commercials (like many of us) you can still enjoy Super Bowl Sunday. I mean Gladys Knight will sing our national anthem, I have chills already! Gladys Knight!!!

Rams or Patriots? Chips or Celery?

After you choose your jersey and war paint, now it’s time to plan what you will you eat and drink! This is one of those events that we most often celebrate with food and alcohol. You can’t walk into a grocery store without bumping into a soda display stacked like a football field, a chip display larger than your home, and football-shaped sweet treats taunting you! These are all part of the day, but you don’t have to slide right off the cliff, so what “can” you eat and stay on your personal paths? We want to keep a very SIMPLE approach to this and not over-think it. Here are some tips for a successful Super Bowl Sunday while dieting:

  1. Drink lots of water. You are most likely at a “red Solo Cup-type” event- skip the sodas and sweet tea, but put some water in yours, you will still feel part of the party. Limit your alcohol intake; as we know it can slow your progress, but again, enjoy your day and your life and if possible, stick with a lower carb alcoholic beverage if you are going to drink and do so in moderation. Love some sweet-tea?
  • Protein Protein Protein: If you are craving wings, chips and salsa, and bean dip- those can be packed with unneeded sugars that are not a part of your game plan: so, skip the chips and have some non-breaded wings with a little side of salsa with celery for that crunch and enjoy. Making a small adjustment to favorites can still satisfy your craving for bar food, but without the unneeded carbs that can slow your progress and have you feeling bloated and frustrated the day after.
  • Meal Prep on Saturday or BEFORE the game-this is probably one of the best tips: get your weekly prep done before the big game, that way you are all ready to go on Monday for your re-set. It’s that simple.
  • Exercise today! Get up in the morning, drink a glass of water, and take a brisk walk, jog, or hit the gym- just get 30 minutes of movement in before the festivities. It will spark your metabolism and get you ready to process the extra food and drinks from the festivities.

Have an awesome day and enjoy! Let’s hope the refs can actually see and call plays, that there are no wardrobe malfunctions at half-time and may the best team win and Have Fun!

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