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Premiere Weight Loss Center of Bradenton


Why choose us to help you lose weight?


Making the choice to get healthier with weight loss is an important decision. We understand that losing weight is a process. It takes effort and behavior changes. Premiere Weight Loss Center in Bradenton has supportive, effective and sustainable weight loss programs to fit your needs. 

There is no magic, just effort and a commitment to your health through change. You set the goal, we work with you weekly on a plan and program that we know will work and you work at it every day. Our staff is exceptional at understanding this entire process. If you have tried to lose weight on your own and did not get the results you were after, give us a call. Together, we can get you looking and feeling your best. Our programs are effective and affordable.

Tips and Tools for Successful Weight Loss 


You want to lose weight. You know the key is to make changes to your lifestyle including diet, exercise and mental wellness. There are no tricks to this process, but there are tools. Tracking your eating and exercise is a great one!


5 Reasons to Track your food intake AND activity for weight loss

  1. Mindfulness: Learn WHAT, WHEN and HOW MUCH you eat daily. Log your exercise and activities to become better aware of improvements in your mood, strength and weight.
  2.  Improve: Tracking activities is reinforcing and often leads to longer exercise sessions. Before you know it, your 20 minute walk will become a 45 minute jog. 
  3.  Learn: Take notes about what meals help you feel fuller, less bloated and more energized. Track which activities help improve your sleep, mood and strength.
  4.  Understand: Tune into WHY you eat? Do you have emotional triggers? Time of day triggers? Too much time without a non-eating activity? 
  5.  Accountability: Often portions and caloric counts are underestimated and exercise and activities are overestimated; an 8 minute walk (while better than none), is often viewed as 30 minutes of exercise. Tracking accurately keeps you accountable to your goals and your plan.
Our Monthly Newsletter is another tool with valuable information about our practice at Premiere Weight Loss Center of Bradenton and a variety of important information to help you lose weight and feel great.   


Getting started on your weight loss journey at Premiere Weight Loss Center in Bradenton is easy. Contact us today. Your success is our priority! 


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