Premiere Weight Loss of Bradenton Celebrating Over 10 Years of Service
Premiere Weight Loss of Bradenton Celebrating Over 10 Years of Service

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Always here to help!

4701 Manatee Ave W

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Always here to help!

Choosing the right weight loss program for you.

Where do I start?

There are so many weight loss programs available now: Keto, Paleo, low-carb, low-fat, intermittent fasting….the list goes on and on! Searching for the right one for you can be overwhelming. You probably clicked through countless before and after photos thinking if it worked for them, it will work for me, right?! But weight loss is such a personal journey. One program may work for some, but not you. Some folks get up in the morning and decide they are going to lose some weight, they formulate a little plan, gather or purchase items needed for their program and BAM- they start and lose weight. Other folks, like many of us, have tried to lose weight on our own through various programs, products, meetings and methods but we fell short and realized that we needed something more to accomplish our desired goals. How do you know which program is best for you and will it work?

Will it “work”?

The truth is, most programs do work, but only if they are strictly followed. Staying on track is where most people struggle. Often the reason we don’t find success losing weight and keeping it off is a lack of regular support and accountability. Many programs and “diets” only offer information, but they lack the long-term support and encouragement needed to maintain a healthier way of eating and exercising. People get started, they seem motivated but shortly after they start, they may slip back into bad habits or they just quit altogether. This happens a lot. How do you stay focused and committed? How do you stay with it? Choosing the RIGHT program and one that you will stick with can help determine if it “will work”. A great program with lasting support will also help you avoid the dreaded “yo-yo”.

Stop the Yo-Yo Diet!

How to choose the right program for you?

No weight loss program is magic. Every program or system will take hard work and effort. Even choosing the right program will take some time and effort. Start by taking a good look at all of the types of programs out there and be very mindful of their requirements. Really get honest with what you like and what you think you can and will realistically keep up with. There may be some trial and error but you can eliminate some frustration by fully understanding program requirements, costs, and levels of support. Don’t get overwhelmed at this stage. No one is asking you to get a face tattoo! You are just picking a food consumption and exercise program to follow. Keep in mind there is nothing wrong with starting a program and realizing it isn’t for you. This happens all the time. Just keep your goals in mind and stay focused. It is very easy to get stuck and discouraged when a program isn’t the right fit.

Ask yourself some of these questions to help in selecting a program you think you can stick with:

  • Do you like to cook or would you rather have pre-packaged meals?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you like apps with nutrition macros and activity charts?
  • Do you prefer simplicity, “do this and eat that” directives?
  • How much do you like to exercise?
  • What about supplements and/or medications?
  • Do you want a lot of support or want to go solo?

Once you have made a choice, work it! Give it your best! Give YOU your best! At Premiere we understand losing weight can be challenging and it takes dedication and often a lot of support. We are very compassionate about this and understand that life throws some curve balls and your journey may take some turns. If you have tried other programs, but need a little more than they offer, please check out the programs at Premiere. We have knowledgeable and supportive staff with easy to follow program guidelines. Having a devoted support system can make a huge difference in your outcomes, both short-term and long-term. You deserve a great team to help you on your journey. You are worth it!

Whether you are deliberate, or you make quick decisions, we are confident that our programs and dedicated staff at Premiere Weight Loss Center of Bradenton will offer the best support and tools to help you achieve your weight loss for wellness goals. Our programs are simple, affordable, convenient and sustainable.



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