Premiere Weight Loss of Bradenton Celebrating Over 10 Years of Service
Premiere Weight Loss of Bradenton Celebrating Over 10 Years of Service

4701 Manatee Avenue West

Bradenton, FL 34209


Always here to help!

4701 Manatee Ave W

Bradenton, FL 34209


Always here to help!


Frequently Asked Questions

We do not accept insurance for our weight loss programs. We can provide you with information that you can use to share with your insurance provider at your request, but we cannot guarantee your insurance provider will reimburse you. We do accept Health Savings Cards for payment.

We request that you make an appointment for your first initial visit. Your weekly visits do NOT require an appointment. The convenience of not having to schedule a weekly appointment is one way that sets us apart from others.

Weight loss is achieved by burning more calories than you consume. Appetite suppressants help to curb cravings & leave you feeling full despite eating less.

You will only gain weight back if you consume more calories than you burn.

Our programs are medically supervised. The prescription appetite suppressants are FDA approved, safe and effective for controlling hunger and are recommended by the National Institute of Health for the treatment of weight loss. The highest standards of care and products are used.

Our injections are FDA approved from the highest reputable compounding pharmacy and is a combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids including B-12 which helps enhance your weight loss. This formula helps eliminate fat, control carbohydrate metabolism and helps boost your immune system and energy.

Many of our clients have experienced success with weight loss just getting the injection. Our program is designed to provide our clients with education on what foods to eat as well as support and accountability to keep you on track to reach your goal.

If you have recently, within a month or so, had an EKG and Labs done you can bring them in for the doctor to review.

Support and accountability are the cornerstones of our program that will help you achieve your goals. We can make special accommodations for clients that are unable to come in to the office on a weekly basis. Please speak to your diet counselor for options.

You can lose weight without exercise. Exercise is important for our overall health and wellness. We recommend that you exercise but understand that there are health conditions that do not always allow for exercise.

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