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I have lost almost 40 pounds on the plan. It is effective and really works! Great staff.


The worst part about this experience is having to buy new clothes!


Once you are in the habit of making healthy choices, it is a lifestyle change. Premiere Weight Loss makes changing your habits easier.


The staff is amazing and values your time and truly cares! Easy to talk to and 100% comfortable feeling.


I have lost over 20 pounds all thanks to the Premiere Staff is amazing and the program works!


Really great experience! Nice staff, very helpful. Makes losing weight easy and affordable


The program is hard at first, but it gets easier everyday, and the results are amazing.


I like coming here it encourages me to do the weight loss.


Finally a program i am able to stick to. I have lost about 22lbs in 1 month & its been a long time since i have felt this good. It works if you follow it correctly.


This plan works. I have energy that comes with losing weight. And, I have lost & am on my way to my goal weight.


I love coming here it helps me stay on the diet.


Premiere Weight Loss is the greatest, they always motivate me to keep going!


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement with my weight loss journey.
Your weekly words of motivation have helped me achieve better than expected results.


What a journey I have been on. If it wasn’t for the staff at Premiere Weight Loss, I would still be unhappy and overweight. Everyone here has been very supportive. After losing 57 lbs I feel so much better not only physically but mentally.
Thank you Everyone.


I’m so excited with this program . I’ve lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks and gone down 1 pant size. First time ever a weight loss plan worked so well & it was easy.


Such a great staff. Loads of support. Down 41 lbs in 3 months. As long as you stick with it you will see results.


I love coming here! I have already lost weight! The nurse’s are amazing. They have taught me a lot on how to diet correctly. I will always use their services.


It has been an adventure with my weight. Since i have been doing this weight loss plan I feel renewed. this has literally been the best one yet!


Today was my first day on the program. I felt great! Actually ran with my puppy today and caught up with her. Can’t wait to achieve my goal. Thank you Premiere for a great start!

Angelina Herrera

After attempting to lose weight on my own to fit into my wedding dress that I bought a size too small, I came to Premiere Weight Loss center for help. It took dedication on my part, but at the end I lost enough weight to not only fit into the dress, but also had to have it taken in. The ladies were flexible as I travel for a living and only home during weekends. They coached my during my appointments and gave me valuable pointers. THANK YOU. My dress fit beautifully.

Kris Crawford (Adams)

SUPER SUPPORT is helping me reach my healthy weight goals!!!


An awesome support team “without judgement”! Coupled with an effortless plan that works.
Makes it easy to stay focused, motivated and have feelings of accomplishment! WINNING!


I have been part of the Premire family for over 3 yrs and I have referred over 60 people to this program they are the best ! They motivate you they care and they make sure what ever your goal is you succeed . When I first started the program I was weighing in at 274lbs now I am happy to say that I am way under 200 and I accomplished that in 3 months going from a size 22 to 9 I have never in my life been that small I have battled all my life with being picked on cause I was always over weight but guess what now my friends see me and tell me how great I look Premire has truly changed my life


I’ve been very happy with the program. I struggled to get those extra pounds off. With a good diet and this program , I succeeded!


I have had really good results because everyone in the office helps you through the process and answers all your questions! Thank you Premiere Family!


At last !!! A program that really works for me! After just 2 months i’m 2/3 toward my goal weight and I feel great! Plus, the staff really want me to succeed too.


I try to keep my mind on my goal. An amazing staff helping me through my journey.
Each week becomes a victory!


Thanks everyone for helping me reach my goal weight. This plan is excellent if your willing to do the work! The entire staff is very kind & encouraging.


The HCG was effective at cutting my fat and the shots were great for giving me energy and eliminating my hunger.


The whole weightloss team is wonderfully supportive and positive. Follow the plan and they will
help you shed those pounds.


I love coming here, the staff are quick and very friendly. The diet plan really works great. I definitely recommend Premiere to others.


I have lost so much weight since this diet. I feel amazing, have a ton of energy and i feel more focused. I recommend Premiere to all my friends and family.


Great staff with a diet plan that is easy to follow. Love the results I have seen so far!


I have loved my experience at Premiere! The staff is amazing and the plan works if you follow it.

Thank you sooo much!


The employees are very friendly and helpful. I have done two bouts of HCG and lost over 30 lbs. Best of all you lose fat from the places you want.


Love coming here every week and seeing results. Love the fact that i feel like i have accountability partners keeping me motivated and focused!!!


Very good experience. Great staff, Positive! Happy with my results.


This plan is amazing, It has really helped to give me the tools to help with my weight loss.


After trying to lose weight on my own, I became discouraged. I started with Premiere and have stuck to the plan and it has worked! I couldn’t be happier. Everyone is so encouraging and helpful. I highly recommend!


Great staff. The plan works when you stick to it. The office has convenient hours that fit my work schedule.



I am so happy with my weight loss. I am keeping it off and still losing. I love it.


Such a great staff and always looking to help with any concerns. I have tried other programs and they didn’t come close to the results I get with Premiere Weight Loss Center.


Wearing a bikini for the first time since giving birth to my daughter. She is nine years old now!

stacy twyford

The program is working great!!! So far I am loving it!



I have tried many programs to lose weight. This program is the only one for me!
Lost 30 lbs in two months. I recommend it highly.


This program is great! It offers you the support and expertise you need to achieve your weight loss goals.


Everyone in the office helps motivate me!


Tried many plans – This is the only one that truly works for me!


Love it! Great Staff! Friendly and encouraging. Highly recommend this office for weight loss support!


Love the plan! Love the support you get from the amazing staff! I highly recommend Premiere!!


The staff is very friendly and if you follow the instructions the plan works very well.


This plan is amazing! The ladies are all so helpful and so excited for your progress! So very easy!!


I went shopping today, and bought a size 10 ! I was in a size 16 just 3 months ago.
Best feeling ever !!


The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. If you stick to the program it works. Life style changes with exercise.


Plan has been a miracle, seeing results, feeling much better. Still eating and not starving.


The Premiere Weight Loss plan is outstanding and best of all it works !!!
The Staff is wonderful. Always encouraging and providing tips.


I am 5 months in and have lost 46 1/2 LBS. I learned how to manage calorie intake, exercise more, rest better and feel great! My menstrual cycle is no longer full of pain either.



The staff is very personable and supportive. The program is great, easy to follow, and works well to keep you motivated towards meeting your goals.


There is no judgement, only encouragement to stay on track. Very easy. Professional people to help guide you on your life plan!


The diet is working great for me and the staff is very friendly and helpful.


I get excited when i wake up on Fridays because it is weigh in day!


Awesome staff! Compassionate and know what your needs are. The shot helps so much!


Truly a great experience. The team who consults you weekly are always helpful and encouraging. They help and care.

Megan C

All the ladies at Premiere are very nice and helpful with fantastic information on weight loss. I am about half way in my 40lb weight loss in the past few months.

Patrica M

The first thing i liked about Premiere Weight Loss Center is the staff. They are the friendliest people, very knowledgeable and encouraging. I will recommend PWL to all of my friends i have.


Loving the HCG shots. 3 weeks in & feeling great. Staff is wonderful & supportive.

Erica B

Love the staff! They are always supportive and full of knowledge on how to stay on track.
The program works like a charm.

Shelby C

Being in this plan has changed my life. The energy I feel is wonderful. Have lost weight in just the first week.

Veronica R

Awesome! I love HCG and the plan it works so well for me down 12.5 pounds in 20 days even with being sick!


I’ve never found a program that works as quickly and as motivating as this one! The staff is encouraging and gentle guide you through your life changing experience! I feel like for the first time, I will never go back to the old me!

Misty J

I love the extra energy, and the way it speeds up weight loss.

Debbie S

I love the plan, it really works. You just have to follow it. And the staff is very nice.

Denise H

I love the supportive staff. Always positive with helpful hints!



The staff are really supportive and awesome. Always very nice. the program work teaches you how to eat!!


I need this office for the great diet advise and encouragement.

Katherine K

This plan worked for me when i really needed to change my health to enjoy my life more. All the women who work here are so kind and supportive. I feel like i am talking to friends everyweek.



My first week has been awesome! The program is easy to follow as long as you’re determined! I can’t wait to see my final results!


The staff are phenominal, easy going and very supportive throughout our jouney.



The program works! It is definitely mind over matter. It becomes a lifestyle change you will keep when it comes to eating right! And we love the ladies!


Absolutely fabulous plan. I’ve done them all & would lose & gain. I am extremely pleased with the steady loss & friendliness of the staff.



Wonderful place, the diet really works. The people here are really great. Jacky has
been great she really keeps me going.


If you stick to the plan it really works.  The fat just melts away.  I highly recommend this program to anyone


Yes I have been with premiere for over two years back and forth I have lost over 120 lbs in 8 months they are my other family..I have referred over 50 people and they have had excellent results like me..The staff is wonderful this program is consider the best in the whole world they saved my health life for Lil money…Thanks premier I love yal went from 274 to 158…

Andrea Flowers
Premiere weight loss center bradenton

Yes, the plan does really work, my only problem is me following all the rules all the time.


The coaching and diet plan I was given taught me how to lose the weight and keep it off.  My original goal was to lose 20 lbs and once I met that goal I pushed myself to lose an additional 5 lbs.  I’ve now lost a total of 27 lbs and I’m keeping it off!


If you just follow the plan / outline, it is very easy to get the results you want.  You can always get your questions answered by the most gracious staff that I have dealt with in a long time.


I have had a awesome experience with Premiere.  Lost weight and very helpful


The staff is so supportive and really encourages you every step of the way to your goal!


I have been so happy with the professional staff, the care, the concern, and the positive attitude that is reflected everywhere with Premiere Weight Loss Center.  I truely recommend this experience to anyone who wants to take over their eating habits toward the right direction.


Great customer service, the girls are really helpful.  I’ve lost 55 lbs since I started with Premiere Weight Loss a year ago


I reluctantly began the program Jan 29, 2015.  By Oct I was down 40 lbs.  My total to date is 44 lbs.  From a size 16 to an 8.  If you stick with the program, it does work!  It helps that the staff is friendly and encouraging.  I will even encourage you personally if it will help.


Both the Premiere Weight Loss program and the staff are fantastic. I lost 12 pounds and 5 inches within 30 days. The diet lowered my blood sugar and cholesterol levels. My endocrinologist was thrilled. Thank you Premiere!


This program is awesome!  I’ve lost 13 lbs in less than 4 months and no more sweet cravings.  I’m close to my goal & full of energy!  Staff is so supportive too


I love the way my weight melts off .. and it’s very safe and wonderful!


I have been very pleased with the plan.  Has been a experience and recommend this plan.


Love all the personal attention and friendly staff.  Down 32 pounds since March


There has never been a weight loss program like this one.  The staff makes the difference.  It really works

Jamie M

Never hungry – down 51 1/2 pounds in 4 months – stick with the program and see results!


Love my results to far!  The staff are especially awesome!


I am thrilled with my experience with HCG.  I lost 20 lbs over 2 rounds.  I am not someone that loses easily so this is the only thing that works for me.  I lost a tremendous amount in inches and clothes from the past are loose.  Good Program!!


Committing to this plan was the best thing I’ve ever done for my health and everyone here is amazing!! Thank You!!


The decision to lose weight is different for each person.  Mine came with the realization of upcoming life events, a professional picture taken at work and that it was time to think of myself and where I wanted to be in the years ahead.  Yes, I definitely want to be healthier especially with my 50th birthday occurring in 2015, my son getting married, and working as a registered nurse.

My journey began in January and continues at this time.  I have successfully lost 65 pounds during the last 9 months and YES I feel fantastic! The team at Premiere Weight Loss has been encouraging, informative and insightful with this life changing experience.  During the last 9 months when there were setbacks, the team would motivate me to continue with their inspiring stories and creative recipes.

Two of my main choices are not to eat processed foods – especially box items and healthy decisions when dining out.  Fresh foods are my go choice.  Trying my best not to intake sugar, artificial sweeteners and carbohydrates.  Yes, I still have these but they are very limited.  Believe it or not your body does not crave them once the sugar is out of your system.

Jackie-B-before-afterIf you are even contemplating getting healthier and feeling better, consider Premiere Weight Loss to help you achieve your goal.  This is an ongoing life changing decision and with the help of Premiere Weight Loss, you will be a success!



Jacqueline “Jackie” Berry

First of all I would like to start of by saying Veronica makes the experience at Premiere Weight Loss, Aesthetics and Med Spa enjoyable. As a man walking into a facility like this you have your doubts! I will say they have made me a believer, I’ve loss over 50lbs and still dropping. Veronica my weight specialist gave me the courage and support to keep my goals as a high priority. The center is very clean and the staff make you feel like a person not a number or just another person walking through the door who they are trying to make money on! I met the owner she was wonderful, she invited me into her office were we sat down and chatted about her personal experiences with weight problems (amazing). So I just want to say if you want help with weight loss and mental as well as physical support, The Premiere family is the place to take your weight problems.


If you are thinking of embarking on the HCG Diet Program I highly recommend this program for your needs. The staff is highly informative and the program is foolproof when followed as directed. I have experienced significant weight loss in a short period of time and could not be happier with my results. The support you will receive while on the program is outstanding. No question or concern goes without 100% attention and thorough explanation. I would recommend the HCG Program to everyone without hesitation. After multiple attempts with other weight loss programs I was fortunate enough to be referred to this program, it was the best decision ever


Premiere Weight Loss works. By following their program, I have lost 75lbs and am progressing forward each day. Losing weight has given me so much more confidence, increased energy, and with the help and support of the wonderful staff, I can say with certainty that you will have similar results! You can’t put a price on confidence! By considering the Premiere Weight Loss Center you have hit the nail on the head. Now all you need to do is drive it home!

Stephen Selph

My name is Mike D’agostino and on October 2, 2012 I walked into Premiere Weight Loss for the first time. I was a little skeptical as I have put off losing weight for years. After considering many avenues I met a couple of people going to Premiere Weight Loss and I saw their results and decided that was it, I was going to make an appointment. I am 47 years old and over the years I have managed to quit smoking, but modifying and staying on a diet has been a struggle for many years. I have gone to the gym on and off, bought different over the counter pills, but the problem was I would lose interests quick because there was no real results. Almost two years ago I stopped drinking, thinking the saved calories would help with my weight loss but there was no real change. October 2nd I was290lbs and with the weekly visits and support of Veronica and the Premiere team In June of 2013 I had loss 90lbs. My life has changed in so many ways. My wife says I don’t snore anymore and my feet, hips, and back don’t hurt anymore. Thank you to the Premiere Weight Loss team on getting my life back and in control.

Mike D’agostino

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